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What does LOSEANA mean?

LOSEANA is an acronym, or a composite abbreviation of three words, which reflect our philosophy and define us as well as the way of our tours.


LOve stands for the love and dedication with which we work. We love what we do and it makes us happy if we can share our enthusiasm with you. 100% commitment is our minimum.


SEA - the sea is our basic element with which we feel connected. The sea has already given us countless positive experiences and we are looking forward to new experiences and discoveries. The sea, its creatures and everything around it fascinate us every day anew.


NAture is the base for us as nature lovers, as nature and wildlife is very important to us. With our way of working, which is designed for eco-tourism, we would like to teach you to treat the environment and nature with care. We try to keep the impact on ecosystems as low as possible and distance ourselves strongly from animals in captivity. With us you will only observe animals in the wild and with their natural behavior.


So LOSEANA represents our love for the sea and the nature.

We both stand for it and we hope that we can pass you our enthusiasm for the diversity and beauty of flora and fauna in Mexico.


About Us


Hi, I'm Steffi!


I was born in Germany, being half German and half French. I grew up near Nuremberg and most recently I lived in Munich.

After graduating from high school, I trained as a bank clerk, later I was a flight attendant and most recently an event manager. In addition, I worked for years in the catering trade, so I actually always had jobs in dealing with guests, because I just enjoy getting to know new people.


After my first vacation to Mexico on the Riviera Maya, I was so enthusiastic that I spent another 8 (!) vacations here in no time ...

In September 2015 I risked it and moved from Munich to Playa del Carmen. Of course, not everything was easy at the beginning, quite the opposite, but it was also exciting and new.


After a short time I started working as a tour guide. I was impressed by everything there is to see, but what fascinated me most was the diverse nature and wildlife. For me as a "hobby photographer", of course, perfect, which is why I have increasingly specialized in nature and water tours.


Experience for yourself what I love about Mexico and what the Riviera Maya has to offer you.

Hola, yo soy Andres!


I am 100% Mexican, I was born in Merida, Yucatan State. But I grew up in Punta Allen, in Sian Ka'an.

My grandparents settled in Punta Allen many years ago and were among the founders of this fishing village. So my father was born there and still lives with my mother in Punta Allen.


I left the place for a few years to go to school, but I came back when I was 18. From that time until today, the sea and nature were and are my elements.


I have been working as a boat captain and lobster diver in Sian Ka'an for almost 15 years. I can no longer imagine life without the sea. It is lucky for me that I was able to grow up here and have wonderful experiences that I would like to share with you.


I am one of only a few captains in Sian Ka'an that are fluent in English and I enjoy "practicing" with you on our excursions.


Come to my home and see where and how I grew up.


We both are the Loseana-team, but for an all around successful excursion we need other people like drivers, captains, locals and staff in different facilities. 


We consider ourselves very lucky to work with great and experienced people.

All these people are for us part of the team, our colleagues and friends. 

Only thanks to their dedication and support can we make Loseana Private Tours what it is.

Hello, I'm Doris!


I grew up in the small village of Großschönbrunn in Bavaria (Upper Palatinate) with a forest and meadow right behind the house. I moved to Nuremberg for my studies and lived there for 4 years - until the end of 2021. I've worked as a waitress in the restaurant business since I was 16 years old. During my studies, I also completed a coaching course and set up my own online business as a coach - so I've always enjoyed working with people.

In March 2022, I was on vacation with my girlfriend in Mexico for the first time and fell in love with the beautiful Riviera Maya right away! 

For me the calling was so big that when I flew back I knew I would be back as soon as possible - not following that calling was not an option for my heart & soul. After only 4 weeks in Germany, I was back at the airport in Munich and headed back to Playa del Carmen, where I've lived ever since.

In July 2022 I started working as a tour guide, which I really enjoy. Being in nature & with the animals, discovering something new every time and sharing these moments with people who are also nature enthusiasts is simply incredible.

Hello, I'm Katrin!


I come from Tyrol in Austria, from Wattens to be precise – perhaps known to some people for the Swarovski Crystal World.

I worked there for a few years after completing my apprenticeship as a hairdresser, beautician and medical podiatrist.

In December 2014, I was lucky enough to be taken in as an au pair by friends of my parents in Mexico.

At that point, they had already been in Playa del Carmen for 27 years. They gave me a pretty good impression of everything and since I liked it so much, I just thought that I could stay here too...

I first worked as a photographer for parasailing in Playa del Carmen, then in a diving school, which gave me the opportunity to discover the beautiful marine world. I then worked as a tour seller for a short time, but quickly realized that I preferred to lead the tours as a tour guide so that I could be in nature.

Since 2019, I have been working as a tour guide for nature and water tours and I am excited every day when I can show guests the beautiful places of the Riviera Maya and also teach them a little bit about the nature in the area.

Hello, I'm Chrissi!


I am a Bavarian girl from the heart of Munich. In the last few years before I emigrated, I also worked in the music industry there.

In the early 90s I took a spontaneous vacation to Mexico and from the very first moment I had the feeling that I belonged here. After spending 4 vacations in Mexico, I emigrated within a month thanks to a spontaneous offer.

Since then I have lived in Playa del Carmen and, with a little detour in the media world, I discovered my passion for working in the tourism industry.

In 2001 I started working as a tour guide and over the years I have been able to travel to large parts of Mexico. My specialty is archaeological zones and tours.

In the 28 years I have been here I have been able to get to know the country and the culture very well and so my work brought me to Loseana Tours and I am happy to be part of this wonderful team.

How did LOSEANA come about?

Andres and I got to know each other in 2016 on a tour in Sian Ka'an and from the very first moment we got along very well as a team and complemented each other.

From the very beginning we were united by our love for nature and the passion for our work. After a few months of good cooperation we were a good team in private :-)


The origin of Andres and my unlimited enthusiasm for Sian Ka'an were the decisive reasons to offer this trip together. Our idea was to make this popular tour even more personal, longer and therefore more intense.


So we started at the end of 2017 with our first trips to Sian Ka'an. In the first year we already had some sporadic inquiries and so we could experience our first tours together.

At this time it was actually not our plan to become an independent tour operator.


Meanwhile we have more excursions in our program, all still around nature, the sea and the animal world. All tours are still organized and accompanied by one of us personally. We prefer not to grow too big and keep the personal and individual touch on our tours.

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