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Whale sharks

A unique snorkeling experience

Whale shark - the largest fish in the world

Swim side by side with whale sharks and get an unforgettable experience.


Don't worry - whale sharks do not bite. They are sharks, but they are completely harmless. They owe their first name "Whale" to their size and the way they eat. With an average size of 9 - 12 meters, the whale shark is the largest fish in the world. Whale sharks belong to one of only three species of sharks that filter their food from the water. They swim with open mouths through plankton-rich waters, swallowing not only plankton but also krill, microorganisms and small fish. Their eating behaviour directly influences their swimming behaviour. Compared to other sharks, they swim very slowly at just 5 km/h.


From June to mid-September we are lucky to find these impressive animals in the North of Cancun. The high amount of plankton attracts the whale sharks to our area and they are often accompanied by manta rays. 


Join us on a whale shark tour and let's make this day the highlight of your vacation in Mexico.

The whale shark tour includes:

  • certified tour guide (english, spanish or french available)

  • pick-up and transfer from/to your hotel in an a/c minivan

  • transfer to the marina in Cancun

  • breakfast roll

  • boat tour looking for whale sharks

  • Snorkel with whale sharks (assuming successful search)

  • Boat ride to "Playa Norte" – the northern beach of Isla Mujeres

  • bathe & relax with snacks (ceviche, sandwich and fruits) in the crystal clear water

  • softdrinks & water during the whole day

  • 13,00 USD national park fee

Not included:

  • Tips and personal expenses

  • photos/videos

Walhai Ausflug auf deutsch

price per charter:

group size of 9-10 guests: 2115 USD

group size of 7-8 guests: 1960 USD

group size of 6 guests: 1890 USD


price per charter:

group size of 5 guests: 1825 USD

group size of 4 guests: 1800 USD

group size of 3 guests: 1770 USD

group size of 2 guests: 1620USD

duration of the tour:

about half a day, the duration varies and depend on the location of the whale sharks plus travel time, depending on the location of the hotel

This tour is available daily from June to September.

Check out Dates & Booking for further information concerning a reservation.

Walhai Tour auf deutsch

Detailed tour description:

Our boat trip to the whale sharks starts early in the morning in Cancun to be among the first ones in the whale shark area. We pass Isla Mujeres and head north towards Isla Contoy. 

The GPS coordinates at which the whale sharks were seen the day before will give us a clue for our search.


Enjoy the approx. 1 - 1.5 hour boat trip while the sun slowly rises and the turquoise blue colours of the Caribbean appear.


As soon as we have located the whale sharks you will get ready for snorkeling. Our experienced captain will position us in the best possible way, but still with sufficient distance to the animals. You will jump into the water in pairs and will be accompanied by a guide.

Together we will try to make your swim with these fascinating creatures as long as possible.

In general everyone has at least two opportunities to swim with the whale sharks before we leave the whale shark area.



Then we will head back to Isla Mujeres.

In front of the island, at the northern beach “Playa Norte” we drop our anchor in the crystal clear, shallow water.

After a little snack you can just enjoy the sea, swim and relax before we will return to Cancun.

Important information:

We do not recommend this tour for pregnant women or people with back problems, as it can get bumpy during the boat trip when the waves are rough. For nausea you can receive tablets (Dramamine) from us before the boat trip.


Life jackets are mandatory for swimming with whale sharks since the 2019 season.

We recommend inexperienced snorkelers to "practice" in advance if possible, in order to be able to enjoy this experience as much as possible.


This excursion only takes place under ideal conditions, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the whale sharks will be found. These animals are in their natural habitat and therefore part of nature, on which we have no influence.

Don't forget to take with you:

  • Swimwear, towel, sunglasses, sun hat, sandals  

  • Long sleeve t-shirt for snorkeling  

  • biodegradable sunscreen

  • Change of clothes (to change after the boat tour)

  • maybe a camera

  • money for personal expenses (photos/videos) and tips where applicable, e.g. for our drivers and captains


Impressions of the whale shark tour:

For more pictures, follow us on Instagram.

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